7 Reasons to Hire a Magic Mirror for Your Wedding

Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting times of your life yet is often filled with hundreds of the most confusing decisions you will ever make.

Unlike many of us imagine before we start, the deciding process consists of much more than just deciding on a reception venue and choosing a dress. What about the entertainment for the evening and how can we capture those memories, among many other important questions?

When it comes to capturing the memories, the majority will no doubt have a wedding photographer coming. However, as many of us will have experienced before, most guests often get left out of the photos, with most of the focus usually on the immediate family members.

What about crazy uncle Dave and your best friends from school? And aside from having enough photos, ensuring your guests are enjoying themselves is another important factor, sometimes overlooked.

The Rise of the Wedding Photo Booth

Over the past decade, hiring a photo booth for your wedding has become a popular way of entertaining guests and by their nature, obtaining more photos of everyone enjoying the celebration.

The number of brides and grooms hiring a photo booth has steadily risen each year and in 2019, it seems that choosing a photo booth company is almost an essential part of planning your wedding. As with all new trends and styles, they evolve, and the photo booth industry is absolutely no different!

Over the past few years, a new, modern take on the traditional photo booth has emerged and the Magic Mirror and various other forms of what’s often referred to as “selfie mirrors”, have shot up in popularity.

What is a Magic Mirror?

A magic mirror is effectively an interactive, open aired photo booth, but condensed into a slim, elegant looking mirror that fits perfectly in any reception.

It allows guests to take their own photos and print them instantly, as well as offering many other interactive features such as the ability to sign them and share them on social media from the booth.

The photos can be customised to match your theme, as can the mirrors frame and other features.

With its stunning looks and easy to use touch-screen features, not only will a magic mirror look stunning at your venue, but guests of all ages will be able to enjoy it.

Complete Your Wedding with a Selfie Mirror!

At Star Eventz, an East Midlands Magic Mirror Booth company, we have attended hundreds of beautiful weddings across the region and have put together a list of some of the best reasons to hire a magic mirror for your upcoming nuptials:

Bring your guests together and break the ice

There’s no better way to get your guests together and break the ice among those who haven’t met than to take some snaps!

With the magic mirror being an open booth, unlike a traditional photo booth where guests generally enter to take a photo, you can fit a whole area worth of guests in front!

More guests means more fun, not only this but everyone can see the fun being had and the magic mirror seems to have a certain magical way of attracting people. In a standard photo booth, you can’t see inside or behind and curtain aside from the fact you can only fit so many people in, and that’s before we’ve even got started on the props!

Which brings us to…

A great way of having fun with props

With all the space you could need in-front of a magic mirror, there’s plenty of room for props and no reputable magic mirror company would turn up to a wedding without a well-stocked box!

Think oversized-glasses, hold-up signs and bowler hats! Maybe even a fake moustache! With a Magic Mirror you won’t be short of poses and photo opportunities. You can even request your own custom props, or provide your own if you are having specific décor or a certain theme.

Take home a signed guest book with a photo of all your guests

As if having your own collection of printed photos of your special day, most Magic Mirror companies include a guest book either in the price or for a small extra fee. Your guest book will often be custom made to tie in with your event and will be signed by all your guests who have used the mirror, along with an extra print which will be placed next to their message!

Couples love going through their guestbook to look back on their wedding and laugh and smile at all the shenanigans from the day, both immediately after and for many years to come.

Everyone is included

As we touched on above, traditional wedding photographers are not always able to capture photos of all the guests and only usually provide an agreed number of finished photos. Not only this but they often have no idea which guests are closest to the couple. To avoid missing photos of the bride and groom’s closest family, they normally focus mostly on their parents, siblings and children, missing out many friends and other close family, such as cousins and aunts/uncles.

With the Magic Mirror, all guests have the opportunity be featured in your wedding photos, and by default, your guestbook too! From experience, at most weddings there are very few people who don’t have come over to enjoy the mirror, so chances are most of your guests will be featured in at least one photo.

Can be tailored to match your colours or theme

The border of your photo templates can also be designed to fit in with your wedding whatever your colour scheme or chosen theme. Whether you want a simple, minimalist design or you were hoping to match the exact look or colours of your invites, many magic mirror companies can design something to match.

With the Magic Mirror running from a powerful built-in windows 10 operating system and a high-resolution display with many functionalities, the display and the graphics on the mirror can also be tailored to your event too.

You can even have your own, custom touch button designed for your wedding as well as your own animations.

As well as the graphics and template, the physical aspects of the mirror can also be customised too! At Star Eventz, we have 3 different frames to choose from and can even add a border of roses or an LED light.

A special Keepsake for Your Guests

As well as being a special keepsake for you and your new husband or wife, each guest gets a copy of the photo they are in, so they also get a lovely reminder of your big day to take home and treasure.

We all know that we can take a photo anytime with our camera phones, but the majority of us never print our photos so there always remains something special in a printed version. In fact, the more and more widespread camera phones have become, the more special a printed photo has become


Lastly, for hours and hours of hilarity and fun for everyone!

The magic mirror not only helps you capture great memories, but also provides hours of fun and laughter for all your guests. After attending hundreds of weddings, we can 100% confirm that it is a feature always loved by everyone, from the grandparents to the youngest of children. We’re always delighted to see and hear of all the fun the guests had taking their photos, and the props always provide many laughs and great photos taking opportunities! After all, there’s nothing better than seeing Great Aunt Edna in a sombrero hat and stick-on moustache!

By the end of the evening there usually isn’t a guest out of sight who hasn’t had a go on the mirror and put their photo and message in the guestbook.

Interested in Magic Mirror Hire for Your Wedding?

If you are planning your wedding party entertainment and are looking for a reputable magic mirror company in the East Midlands, then look no further than Star Eventz!

Based in Nottingham, we cover the whole region including Leicester, Lincoln, Sheffield and Derby. Our magic mirror is the Rolls Royce of Photo Booths, manufactured by Fotomasters, the premium magic mirror company whose sole focus is on producing a high-quality, high-end product. Our mirror is the full-size product and runs the very fastest software as well as printing the highest resolution, brightest quality photos with a built in DSLR camera.

We’ve attended hundreds of weddings, designed hundreds of magic mirror templates and guest books and know how to help make your special day a memorable one.

You will always be provided with a friendly photo booth attendant who will help your guests take their photos and add the extra one to the guest book afterwards. Gold or Silver pens will be provided to ensure your messages are as beautiful as your photos.

To ensure you have the complete experience and benefit from all the above features listed in this article, our prices include all the major add-ons and features. These include a bespoke photo booth template designed by our in-house graphic designer, a bespoke hand-made guest book specially made to match your wedding as well as a USB stick with an extra set of prints.

If you would like to book or have anymore information, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.